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Devoted 2 Doggies FAQ's
I hope you will find answers to the most common questions here. If your question/answer does not appear on this page, kindly utilize our contact form.

What paperwork do I need to complete?
You will need to complete our Pet Profile Form, sign our Waiver Form and provide a copy of your doggie's vaccination record.

What should I bring for my doggie's visit?
Bedding, food, toys and whatever you think may make our guest comfortable.

Will my four-legged child be supervised?
Yes, all doggies receive our undivided attention while vacationing at Devoted 2 Doggies.

My dog is small - will he or she be safe?
Yes, all our guests romp around in a secured, lighted outdoor environment. We are totally equipped to provide indoor and outdoor separation if necessary.

Where will my loved one go potty?
I make it a point to allow frequent visits to our outdoor facility for supervised potty breaks.

What happens if my doggie becomes ill during his or her vacation?
You or your emergency contact person (listed in the pet profile form) will be notified and your veterinarian will be contacted.

My doggie needs prescribed medication. Do you administer medicine and is there an additional charge?
Yes, I will administer medication upon your directives and there is NO additional charge.

What time would I have to pick up my pet as to not incur any additional charges?
If you pick up before 3:00 PM (checkout time), you are not charged for the pick-up day.

Do you provide an opportunity for a "Meet and Greet"?
Yes, not only do we provide a scheduled time and date for a "Meet and Greet" we encourage it. This allows your fur baby to get acquainted with the new surroundings and register our scent. Also, provides you an opportunity to see our facility.

What will my doggie be doing all day?
Play, nap, go for walks and run are just a few items on the daily list.

How many dogs will you provide day care for at one time?
My goal is to have no more than 4 dogs visit at one time. On occasion and depending on breed and temperament, we may accommodate 5 dogs. However, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Do you walk the dogs?
Yes, the distance of the walks will depend on the weather, your doggie's size and age

Why is my dog tired when he/she comes home?
I've been frequently asked this question. Unlike a normal doggie day when our four-legged friends may sleep a good portion of the day, our doggie guests run and play the majority of the day. Most times - they are having too much fun to even nap. It's not uncommon for them to curl up and sleep when they get home.